CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Healing Certification

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Ready to Discover Leading-Edge Healing Technologies So You Can Awaken to Your Highest Purpose & Soul Mission?

Embark on an Extraordinary Immersive 3-Day Spiritual Experience Unlike Any Other, Accelerate Your Journey to Becoming a World-Class Master Healer & Finally See Your Greatest Life Vision Become a Reality

Cocreating Miracles With Sacred Light Advanced Healing Certification Streaming Live From Magical, Mystical,
Majestic Mt. Shasta

What if there was a way to fully align with the limitless bounty of the Universe so you can receive your heart’s desires from a place of unconditional love and compassion,deep healing and unshakeable self-trust?

What if everything you’ve ever longed for in your life like true love, unlimited abundance, youthful, vibrant energy & health and living your highest purpose, become available to you faster than you ever thought possible?

Sacred Light Technologies are some of the most potent, deeply transformative healing technologies in existence

Introduction to Sacred Light Technologies

Every single Sacred Light Technology is an intricately interwoven, and integrated spiritual tapestry of countless spiritual elements including activations, healings, clearings, and co-creation frequencies that will support you in rising up to the highest levels of consciousness.

The Power of Sacred Light Technologies

Sacred Light Technologies let you activate life-altering experiences and co-create miracles that bring an overflow of abundance, freedom, healing and positive transformations in all aspects of life… for yourself and others.

Spiritual Evolution through Sacred Light Technologies

These high-level Technologies can spark breakthrough energetic upgrades for advanced spiritual evolution and acceleration into 5D frequencies and above (and sometimes this can happen in an instant!).

Meet the Founders of Sacred Light Healing Modality

We’re Elysia Hartzell (Founder and  creator of the Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality) and Kimberlie Carslon (Founder and creator of the Energetic Allergy Healing™ modality) and we’ve been sharing Sacred Light Healing modality (Founded and created by both of us) for a while now but never like this!

For The First Time Ever You’re Invited to Experience the CoCreating Miracles Advanced Sacred Light Healing Certification Streaming Live from Mt. Shasta

Experience the Magic of a Spiritual Retreat

During this life-changing immersive workshop-style 3-Day Spiritual Experience happening July 28, 30th, and August 1st you will be activated and attuned to multiple Sacred Light Technologies and Sacred Light Tools and make no mistake… this is unlike anything else you’ve seen before! 

Harnessing the Power at Mt. Shasta

The Sacred Light Technologies and Sacred Light Tools in this one-of-a-kind healing certification came through at Mt. Shasta.

Connect and Co-create at the Source of Creation

This means when you join this unique live-streaming experience you will have the rare opportunity to connect to the power and magic of multiple spiritual vortexes at this magical location and become attuned to these Sacred Light Technologies and Tools at the Source of Creation with the gentle, loving guidance and unparalleled knowledge of the teachers and healers who personally received these them!

Here’s What You’ll Receive

By the end of our time together you will experience deep healing, be empowered to co-create your desires plus learn how to attain mastery using powerful healing and co-creative energetic systems for yourself and others with the following Activations, Sacred Light Technologies and Sacred Light Tools

Powerful Transformative Activations

To safely and rapidly upgrade your energies and prepare you to confidently do masterful, high-level healing work

Sacred Light Open and Close

2 remarkably powerful systems comprising the combined healing and co-creative power of Sacred Light Technologies and Sacred Light Tools plus the Energetic Allergy Healing and Sacred Soul Alignment modalities. You can use these for yourself and for others including healing clients. 

Sacred Light Open 

Grounds and anchors

Activates powerful protection and cloaks your healing session

Connects to the Higher Self/Divine Aspect and Source

Opens the pathways of connection and communication through the heart

Creates a Sacred Container to intentionally bring in what you want to work on 

Assists in connecting into truth and being open to truth 

Holding a “highest good and highest vision” perspective

Sacred Light Close 

Anchors all healings

Processes & integrates healings with ease

Moves through any resistance that may come up due to energies and blocks that are clearing

Disconnects and cleans up any distortions or energies taken on during a healing session with others

Sacred Light Bounty of the Universe

This Sacred Light Technology will connect you with and expand you into the unlimited bounty of abundance the Universe has to offer. It aligns with the highest perspective of feeling and being Bountiful, tuning you into that frequency and assisting you in opening up to receiving. 

It is a unique, multidimensional spiritual tool that works with you on an individual level to bring in and/or dissolve what is necessary to move into the highest level of expression of your soul in human form. It will help you break free of current limitations to expand you into expansive abundance and a greater ability to create a life aligned with your highest potential. 

Sacred Light Joy of Life

Activates and anchors the highest perspective of Joy, while activating your cellular memory of the frequency of Joy so you can “remember” how to create this pure Joy for yourself in this lifetime. 

When we anchor specific frequencies within us, a few different things take place. We begin to align with those frequencies, we are now in motion, moving out what we hold that is not in alignment with those frequencies and magnetizing or attracting what IS in alignment with those frequencies, ultimately over time becoming the full embodiment of Joy! The more we embody Joy the more we transmit that out into the world activating that vibration in and for the planet and all life on it.

Sacred Light Unbounded Love of Heaven

We hear about unconditional love — that we need to love ourselves and others unconditionally. We’ve been on this journey of learning how to move into the greater embodiment of love without condition. Unbounded love of heaven is bigger than unconditional love, it stretches beyond unconditional love into love with no bounds, no limitations, it is endless and infinite.

This incredible Sacred Light Technology (which is actually many Technologies working together) brings in this perspective, activating the cellular memory of these frequencies, awakening you to the truth that this is actually who you are, and of course once we have the memory of something, the blueprints, we can then begin to create from that knowing, transforming our lives to match that blueprint.

Sacred Light Open Doors

Clears what is in the way of your desires/intentions while simultaneously aligning you with the knowledge that you need to locate and open the right “door” to the timeline that holds what you are asking for.

Combines Sacred Light Technology Tune-Up and Bounty of the Universe and works to clear out both big and small energy patterns that are “blocking the door” to what you are working on creating in your life — energy patterns that can be so effectively blocking the door that you can’t even find or see the door, let alone open and step through the door!

This Technology also opens doors within, right down to the DNA to activate dormant cellular memories, bring in healing, and clear patterns at the cellular level. 

Sacred Light Temple

A personalized Advanced Sacred Energetic Structure that is unique to your soul print so you can confidently do your sacred work knowing you can create high-level results 

Sacred Light Reader

Assists you in safely sensing, identifying, and clearing entities, implants, distortion, and disharmony in the body, subtle bodies, and energetic field.

Sacred Light Vortex

Truly groundbreaking Sacred Technology to completely clear discordant, disruptive energies from the deepest layers and levels and all aspects of being (even the ones that we have no language for) and create a container for easeful, aligned co-creation at the highest level.

Sacred Light Filter

An 11th-dimensional Sacred Light Technology to filter out unwanted, overwhelming energies that are infiltrating your field, energy bodies, and physical body. 

Sacred Light Technology Tune Up

A multidimensional, multifunctional Technology to dissolve energies of outdated spiritual elements, energies, and embedded technologies we may be holding in our systems including non-beneficial, compromised energies we are unknowingly carrying from past teachers and healers that we have worked with. These energies create blocks, inflammation, and pain so this is an important healing tool to have on hand. 

This tool also creates more room to hold new expanded light and energies as it upgrades spiritual technologies with new energies/highest light that is now available to you that you are working with that do still serve you and that you are still in resonance with so they work optimally for you. This will happen every time you run/receive the Technology Tune-Up.

Powerful New Ways of Healing & Co-Creating with the Akasha (You Won’t Find this Anywhere Else!)

New deeper ways of working with the Akash will allow you to nurture and develop an empowering and life-changing personal relationship with this Ultimate Consciousness so you can freely access the endlessly vast light fields of knowledge available through this connection. You will activate more of your multidimensionality, expanding your ability to connect with and access unlimited knowledge within your own Akash, the Akash of others for the intent of healing, and the Galactic Akash. 

Sacred Light Transfiguration Device

A phenomenal healing device and it is incredibly versatile. It can be used for both clearing and bringing in energy. It works with laser-focused precision down to the very cells, DNA, atoms, and molecules. You can use this Spiritual Technology very creatively! The word Transfiguration was first used in English as the name of this biblical event (the event was Christ’s transfiguration) and it is defined as a change in form or appearance, a Metamorphosis, or spiritual change.

Sacred Light Excavation Technology

Like the plumbing tool named the Rotorooter, the Sacred Light Excavation Technology breaks up and clears out deep roots or “core” energy patterns that have become hardened, crystalized, calcified, and deeply rooted into our “energetic plumbing.” This Technology deep and broad to quickly shift hard-to-dissolve and stuck patterns that other healing tools can only chip away at, taking a long time (maybe months or even years) to clear out of the body and energy bodies.

Sacred Light Calibrate to Create

An incredibly powerful Sacred Light Technology for leading-edge Cocreation! This Technology literally calibrates you to the universal energy of Creation itself for astonishingly effective manifesting results. It can be used with specific, individualized intentions to instantly align you on a multidimensional level to the highest outcome of your soul’s desires.

Sacred Light Intention Alignment Tool

This is both a Sacred Light Technology and an Activation to anchor your intentions into the highest light available, connecting and aligning you with the information, knowledge codes, and keys you need to Cocreate your intentions into your physical reality. It is an extraordinary manifesting tool as well as a tool for activating and healing.

You can also work with the Sacred Light Intention Alignment to:

Heal parts and aspects of SELF that need healing to come into ever-expansive, fine-tuned balance within the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Strengthen and clear your Chakras, Subtle Bodies, and Light Fields

Create more space within so you can expand your light quotient

Awaken and reconnect you with cellular memories, abilities, knowledge, and wisdom of Ascended Atlantean and Lemurian times

Take you into that next level of expansion and all the way into total Sovereignty

Creating a unified field of connection within you to all star seeds on this planet and beyond so that you have the strength and the power beyond what you hold individually. 

Fully supporting you in your healing/ascension journey.

Sacred Light Golden Orb of Protection

This amazing technology comes in as a powerful layer of protection that is infused with the Golden Christ light. It is flexible and permeable allowing the highest light frequencies in. It is not only protecting you but also keeping you bathed in this incredible light while magnetizing positive experiences, relationships, support, and healing.

Sacred Light Satellite “Receiver” and Location Device

This multidimensional technology is working to both receive information and messages from your Higher Self, aspects of you in other times and dimensions, Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels, and other high dimensional Beings AND as a “location device” to locate aspects of you that have been fragmented, locating the exact timelines and information you need within the Akash or Quantum Field, even the “root” of a pattern or issue, so it can be rapidly addressed and dissolved. This Technology also locates a specific frequency that you may be wanting to align with to Cocreate into your reality, acting to tune you into a particular channel so you can see co-creation and manifesting results come through quickly (sometimes even instantaneously!) and with ease.

Sacred Light Healing Cocoon

Activates an energetic cocoon that comes in around you, creating the most optimal healing environment into which other healing tools/programs can be infused for concentrated, focused, and accelerated healing.

Sacred Light Purify and Protect Technology

Works beautifully in tandem with the Sacred Light Healing Cocoon (see above). It comes in as a layer within the Cocoon to create deep transformational healing in the area you are working on, to cleanse or filter out distorted frequencies/energies that have been creating blocks or resistance to healing in a very deep multidimensional way, clearing or filtering out energies it is focused on through all timelines and dimensions to the original seed point of Creation. 

It has the look of a diamond that is rippling out, starting in the heart and getting bigger and pushing out the energies as far out as you want to – as far out as the Universe into the areas where there is an influence that is affecting the person or place we are working on. It can be used on Ley Lines and places, like a city or state, a mountain, or any other location.

Sacred Light Turbine Technology

This technology powerfully assists in cleansing and clearing distorted energy patterns through the ancestral lines and timelines, going back and working to pull off “webbing” (think of spider webbing) – sticky strong threads that keep you bound, stuck, and trapped in painful life patterns. 

Sacred Light Spinning Top

Breaks up, clears, and dissolves dense energies such as Ancestral Line issues, Karma, trauma, dense emotions, and even physical energies such as tumors, blockages, and inflammation. Sacred Light Spinning Top can be used with connections between people, places, and patterns, to dissolve dense energies that are causing or contributing to unwanted experiences of pain and suffering.

Join Us in Cocreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Healing Certification Streaming Live from Magical, Mystical, Majestic Mt. Shasta July 30th to August 1st

Words of Love, Gratitude and Joy from Our Clients & Students

“I didn’t have to become something different,..I already had my style of how I work, [Sacred Light] has just amplified that…it’s enabled me to stay completely true to myself and my unique way of doing things…I learned exactly what I needed to bring in… in my own authentic way, merging my other tools in a way that I was no longer copying who taught me, I was now being me…. I was able to be there fully…..And that’s EMPOWERMENT!”

Karina Del Pezzo

“The attunements you’ve attuned us to are SO NEXT LEVEL….for me they are priceless. [These tools] have accelerated my work times a hundred…This work is so reassuring for me as a practitioner, because I know so much is covered. My life has completely revolutionized since doing this course!” 

Sabrina Piergrossi

CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Healing Certification is Consciously Designed So You Can Quickly Gain Masterful Healing Skills & Receive Deeply Transformative Activations & Attunements Directly from Magical Mt. Shasta (But Without Leaving Home!)

The entire Certification experience will be taught live and streamed live directly from Mt.Shasta from July 30th to August 1st. 

During these powerful classroom sessions, you’ll discover the practical application of every single Sacred Light Technology (see full list above) and Sacred Light Tools plus advanced healing tools and you’ll have many opportunities to work and play with your newfound healing skills! 

All live-streaming sessions will be recorded and ready for you in a private membership portal. You’ll have lifetime access to everything you learned and you’ll be able to go back and watch the recordings again and again, whenever you want to refresh your understanding and reconnect with these teachings.

Important Note on a Special Prerequisite

CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Healing is exactly what it says in the name — this is an Advanced healing class. So if you have never done healing work before or if you are new to Sacred Light Technologies you are required to take the Sacred Light Level 1 course. 

If you have not taken this course before we have GREAT news! We are offering the self-study Sacred Light Level 1 at a deep discount of over 50% when you register for the “Live Streaming Experience + Sacred Light Level One” option (scroll down to the bottom of the page). You will receive instant access to Sacred Light 1 upon registration. This will allow you to complete Level 1 prior to joining the live-streaming sessions from Mt. Shasta. 

Meet Your Teachers, Elysia & Kim

We’re Elysia Hartzell and Kimberlie Carlson and we’ve been working together as healers, as co-creators, as teachers, and as soul partners and friends for many, many lifetimes.

As leaders in spiritual awakening and evolution, we are passionately devoted to a singular soul mission, which is to empower Lightworkers, Healers, Intuitives, and all those who are called to the spiritual path with the most thorough, deep, and potent foundational healing tools, techniques, and teachings all the way to the highest level levels of multidimensional spiritual technologies that are available as soon as they become available

We have been shown that we are part of a very small group of people who have the capacity to hold, process, and radiate incredibly high vibrational frequencies and we are now on the leading edge of knowledge in the Light Technologies that are coming through into this planet right now.

We are essentially conduits who can truly anchor these high-speed Light Technologies that are continuing to accelerate so we can all begin to heal ourselves, each other, and the world at a level that has never been experienced before.

These never-before-seen tools and techniques have come through — and continue to come to us — via direct knowing and downloads and we are meant to share them with as many people as possible so a potent, positive planetary ripple effect is created through healings that will take our collective frequency and energy to higher and higher states of evolution and expansion as we experience deep, energetic and physical shifts, changes and transformations that are happening for the first time in the history of humanity.

We work with clients and students from all over the world – from those who are just beginning to receive their spiritual calling to experienced healers who are looking for teachers to help them consistently embody and expand their healing gifts and abilities.

And that’s our magical superpower…

We bring people together on a soul level, people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and genders, people at every stage of awakening and healing so we can all connect on a deep level, love each other on a deep level and ultimately heal our entire world and ourselves… as one.

Join Us in Cocreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Healing Certification Streaming Live from the Magical, Mystical, Majestic Mt. Shasta July 30th to August 1st

Words of Love, Gratitude and Joy from Our Clients & Students

“Kimberlie and Elysia have created by far and away the best energy healing practitioner program. I began the CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light self-study course and was totally impressed with all of the attunements that allowed the work to become effortless.

I joined the live course a few months later which to my surprise took this course to a whole other level. I don’t have just one favorite Sacred light tool. I love them all!

The most amazing experience has to be the journey to the Sacred Light Temple and below where transformation is redefined. On a personal level, I am excited by all the possibilities. Love this course! It is so worth it!”

Susan Mayes

“Elysia and Kim are among The Chosen Ones — healers of pure light, pure love and pure integrity. And if you ever have the opportunity to experience their incredible healing gifts and their devotion firsthand, don’t let it pass you by!”

ShantinI Rajah

“After working with you girls, I really am embodying all of the possibilities of what lies ahead of me, that I am a Creator, CoCreating Miracles. I feel that I can CoCreate Miracles now.

I’m an old wise lady, I’ve been dedicated to healing work for many years, but I wasn’t able to get this kind of high vibe help that I really need, in order to heal, to bring myself into wholeness until I found I found you girls.”

Lynne Vides Katz

Your Custom Pay-in-Full Gift!

Save $500 When You Pay-in-Full for the Live Streaming Experience OR Save $997 for the Live Streaming Experience + Sacred Light Level 1 Option…

Plus Get Access to a One-of-a-Kind Custom-Created Bonus Masterclass with 12 x Additional Tools Across 3 Powerful Healing Modalities 

When you choose to pay in full, you’ll receive free access to a custom-created bonus masterclass that will take place in September 2023. During this invite-only class, you will receive an additional collection of 12 handpicked healing tools and technologies across 3 powerful modalities — Sacred Soul Alignments, Energetic Allergy Healing, and Sacred Light Practitioner. 

Every single tool will be intentionally chosen for rapid spiritual evolution, deep healing, and powerful manifesting and cocreation based on your individual energy along with the collective energy of the group. By the end of this masterclass, you will be gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of each of these tools and you will be attuned to all of them which means you can work with them for yourself and for others.

Join Us in Cocreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Healing Certification Streaming Live from the Magical, Mystical, Majestic Mt. Shasta July 30th to August 1st



Please note: If you have never done healing work before or if you are new to Sacred Light Technologies you are required to take Sacred Light Level 1, self-study is now available at a deep discount of over 50%. You will receive instant access upon registration which will allow you to complete Level 1 prior to joining the live-streaming experience from Mt. Shasta.