Co-Creating Your
Highest Timeline

Harness the power and magic of the spiritual tools that Elysia and I work with to create more of all the things we desire in our own lives to create an incredible Sacred Container to seed and anchor YOUR intentions for 2022!

A powerful creation/manifestation tool that
you can use again and again!

And that is only one piece of the incredible support package we have put together for your 2022 and beyond….

“CoCreating Your Highest Timeline in 2022” is a package that is also packed full of healing to clear the path for your intentions.

To Create more of what we want in our lives, we need to approach it with INTENTION, with feeling, with focus, seeding and anchoring those intentions into our hearts and minds coupled with healing work to clear energetic blocks…this formula WORKS, and sometimes faster than we could ever believe possible!!

Elysia and I have come together with all of our healing tools to offer amazing healing and support for creating what your heart desires in 4 major areas of life in 2022 and wrapped them up in an incredible bundle of tools to help you create your best year, to hold and harness high frequency light even through the challenging times at hand.

These 4 Areas Are:

Love – Healing, Harmonizing and Optimizing Your Love Relationships

Wealth/Money – So you can create wealth and abundance in your life

Health – to heal, harmonize and revitalize your body and health

Spiritual Growth – Increasing Your Inner Knowing and Connection to Your Psychic Senses, Ascension Support

Included in This Package:

Live Intention Setting Call
Tuesday January 25, 2022 | 2pm PT

On this call we will use powerful healing tools, processes and Sacred Light Technologies to create a potent sacred container in which to firmly seed and anchor your intentions for 2022 which will be powerfully amplified by the energies of all joining together, both of us, you and all coming together to create incredible magic in 2022.

Your own 7 Thunders Cards of Destiny Report for the year + a 7 Thunders Relationship Report - these reports are fabulous and accurate!

The information found within this Destiny Report comes from a very ancient and highly revered mystical science that originated before the days of early Egypt. Its exact origins are unknown but its accuracy speaks for itself. The information it will give you will be timely and practical, pertaining to the events and experiences you are currently going through.

This is the most detailed and accurate generated forecasting report that we have come across to date, and we are excited to share these informative reports with those in our spiritual communities.

These reports contain detailed information about one year of your life.

As we both pour over our personal reports from last year, we find so much of what was there for us, came to fruition, so we are thrilled to be able to offer this report to you.

Your own Astrology Transit Chart

This detailed Transit Chart you will also receive here makes a great addition here as it can bring a lot of clarity when read along with your year report from 7 Thunders, so we have decided to include this in these supportive packages for 2022 as well.

Your transit report shows the energies affecting your personal journey for the year in business, relationships, health, as well as when the best times to travel or not to travel are, and when the most supportive times are for you to make positive and necessary changes in your life.

2 daily healing audio’s. One to set up your morning and one to set up your night

These audios on their own are so valuable!

Each of these audio’s contain multiple Sacred Soul Alignments, Energetic Allergy Healing, and Sacred Light Technologies to get you really in your body, grounded, connected to your higher guidance systems and anchored into the 5th dimensional Gaia Grid to assist you in accessing and connecting with your multidimensionality, your Sacred Power, your Inner Healer, and incredible high frequency energies so you can move through your day with more vital energy, contentment, happiness, balance and peace no matter what is going on in the world around you.

And for the evening, we again bring all of our Tools together in one powerful audio to set you up for a peaceful, restful, healing night sleep.

CoCreating Your Highest Timeline with Love

Healing, Harmonizing and Optimizing Your Love Relationships

3 Audios:

  • Healing audio that focuses on cleaning up and disconnecting you from past partners, lovers, and relationships.

This is SO important as we can have energies to old relationships causing issues in our ability to commit, and to give and receive love, to grow and deepen your current relationship, and/or to create new healthier relationships. This is an invaluable tool in and of itself, as you can use to go really deep by using it daily to clean up the energies that you have taken on in all of your relationships, not just your recent or current relationships where there is pain and challenges, but going back to childhood and using them to heal your relationships with the most influential people in your life who taught you about love…your parents.

This kind of work can create dramatic results in your life and relationships!

  • A healing audio to increase Self Love, Self Acceptance, and Self Worth as this is key to magnetizing, or CoCreating relationships that hold higher love and healthy Soulful connections. This audio will also work to heal trauma from sexual abuse.
  • An audio to ignite your inner passion.

This is for those already in partnership, and those calling in Divine Partnership (for those calling in partnership, you will be able to use these tools upon meeting your person, and start your relationship already ahead!)

CoCreating Your Highest Timeline for Wealth Healing your relationship with money so you can create wealth and abundance in your life

3  Audios:

  • An audio that focuses on healing your relationship with money, wealth and abundance. Healing distortion within our relationships with money and control, and bringing you into a harmonious relationship with money, wealth and abundance.
  • A healing audio that focuses on cleaning up past traumas, guilt and shame around money, as well as belief programming about money itself that may be preventing a flow of wealth & abundance into your life.
  • An Activating Audio for you to use throughout the year and beyond, to activate wealth in your life, to increase your abundance meter, and allow a flow of prosperity.

CoCreating Your Highest Timeline for Health & Vitality

Reconnecting you with your body to heal, harmonize, and revitalize your body and health.

 9 Audios :

  • Immune Health – including prevention & support re:Covid
  • Digestive Health
  • Detoxing
  • Weight
  • Endocrine System/Hormone Support / Fertility
  • Food cravings/addiction
  • Exhaustion/Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Anti – Aging

CoCreating Your Highest Timeline for Spiritual Growth

Increasing Your Inner Knowing and Connection to Your Psychic Senses, Ascension Support

4 audios:

  • Cleaning up past traumas around being ridiculed, abused, rejected, when we exercised our intuitive or psychic abilities. Trauma from lifetimes as a healer
  • Cleaning up past traumas from experiences that have made you fearful of connecting in with yourself on the spiritual level, or reject your own spiritual nature, including religious programming, experimentation, religious or spiritual abuse.
  • Activating and deeply connecting you to your own inner knowing and to your connections with the spirit realm (your psychic senses) and to Akasha (your true Soul records)
  • Spiritual Detox Support + Sacred Light Technology to assist you in filtering out dense, limiting energies held by the Collective,  this planet and the Universe.

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