Free 2-Day Masterclass

Healing the Great Divide

Healing the divide within SELF, within
relationships with others, and
within the collective

DATE: MARCH 3 & 4, 2022


TIME: 1pm PT | 4pm ET | 9pm UK


Are you feeling isolated,
alone, disconnected?

Are you experiencing division
and conflict within your
community, perhaps with your
own family, or even within yourself?

The future feels uncertain for so many….

But you are NOT alone.

The truth is, we have more opportunities to be connected than ever before in human history, BUT we are being bombarded with fear from all directions that is keeping us feeling SEPARATE.

We would like to invite you to our FREE 2-day  Masterclass, Healing the Great Divide, where we will be:

Dissolving deeply imbedded trauma from experiences where we have been or felt divided, conflicted, disconnected and alone

Clear & resolve stuck emotions from inner conflict like separation, confusion, anger, isolated, frustration, hopeless, helplessness and rejection 

Clear and resolve the belief systems and other energy patterns that create these painful feelings and experiences 

Activate unity consciousness to feel more supported and connected to yourself and to others 

Expand your ability to see the bigger picture to navigate these times from the highest perspective

Align with the feeling of Oneness from a state of compassion to feel and create more peace, hope, trust, balance, and harmony within

Praise for this work….

“I worked with someone who had lupus. Lab work showed the lupus, and when he went back a month later, it was the lupus was gone. I’ve had so many more amazing things like this happen in my work with these tools.

I’ve not come across anything that can unwind a pattern and get to the root and dissolve it so thoroughly to transform emotional pain, physical pain, or just patterns that you’re struggling with so effectively and so quickly.

These tools are amazing! I love you two.”

Lorraine Castro

“Thank you to Kimberlie Carlson and Elysia Hartzell for all the amazing work that shifted my life and health tremendously!! So blessed to have you both as teachers!”

Kristi Olander

“Elysia and Kimberlie are among The Chosen Ones — healers of pure light, pure love and pure integrity. And if you ever have the opportunity to experience their incredible healing gifts and their devotion firsthand, don’t let it pass you by!”

ShantinI Rajah

Intuitive Expression Coach, Creative Copywriting Teacher & Energy Practitioner

“This was incredibly Powerful and Transformational. Beyond words. I am still vibrating!”

Jeannine Mullin

“Kimberlie & Elysia’s huge hearts shine through in all they do. They have the gifts to go to the root of the problem and clear it quickly – ancestry, lineage, oaths, vows, contracts, the things we as energy healers can’t always do on our own or for ourselves.

That is the true benefit of working with both Kimberlie and Elysia at the same time. Together, they make a formidable team.”

Sherry Frey

“THANK YOU so much, Elysia and Kim, for courageously sharing your amazing gifts with all of us! My life and the lives of so many are all so much better because of you!”

Ann Fleenor

“These tools have accelerated my work times a hundred…. My life has completely revolutionized since doing this course!”

Sabrina Piergrossi

“I cannot tell you how much lighter and brighter I feel these days because of you ladies thank you for your blessings and compassionate care.”

Margaret Nadeau

Meet Your Teachers, Elysia & Kim

We’re Elysia Hartzell and Kimberlie Carlson and we’ve been working together as healers, as co-creators, as teachers and as soul partners and friends for many, many lifetimes.

As leaders in spiritual awakening and evolution, we are passionately devoted to a singular soul mission, which is to empower Lightworkers, Healers, Intuitives and all those who are called to the spiritual path with the most thorough, deep and potent foundational healing tools, techniques and teachings all the way to the highest level levels of multidimensional spiritual technologies that are available as soon as they become available

We have been shown that we are part of a very small group of people who have the capacity to hold, process and radiate incredibly high vibrational frequencies and we are now on the leading edge of knowledge in the Light Technologies that are coming through into this planet right now.

We are essentially conduits who can truly anchor these high-speed Light Technologies that are continuing to accelerate so we can all begin to heal ourselves, each other and the world at a level that has never been experienced before.

These never-before-seen tools and techniques have come through — and continue to come to us — via direct knowing and downloads and we are meant to share them with as many people as possible so a potent, positive planetary ripple effect is created through healings that will take our collective frequency and energy to higher and higher states of evolution and expansion as we experience deep, energetic and physical shifts, changes and transformations that are happening for the first time in the history of humanity.

We work with clients and students from all over the world – from those who are just beginning to receive their spiritual calling to experienced healers who are looking for teachers to help them consistently embody and expand their healing gifts and abilities.

And that’s our magical superpower…

We bring people together on a soul-level, people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and genders, people at every stage of awakening and healing so we can all connect on a deep level, love each other on a deep level and ultimately heal our entire world and ourselves…

As one.