CoCreating Miracles Retreat

LIVE at Mount Shasta

Come and Align with the Bounty of the Universe

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CoCreating Miracles Retreat
LIVE at Mount Shasta

Come and Align with the Bounty of the Universe

July 28 – August 1st 2023

Join us for a first-time 5-day hybrid retreat at the sacred majestic Mt Shasta!

It’s happening July 28 – August 1st, 2023

For the first time EVER, we are offering a LIVE, IN-PERSON certification course and retreat ALL IN ONE!

This retreat is unlike ANY other as it offers the combined power of Mt. Shasta and the incredible multidimensional spiritual technologies that have come through for us on our visits to the magical spiritual vortex.

Imagine becoming attuned to these Sacred Light Technologies right at the Source, taught about them and attuned to them by the healers/teachers who directly personally received them!

This in itself is an incredible opportunity, however, this retreat has much more to offer you……

This retreat is also all about coming home to yourself, remembering WHO you really are, deeply aligning you with your own Divine Nature, your soul path and purpose.

The way to come home to yourself, embody and connect on deeper levels with your Divine is to do work that heals, integrates and merges your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. The more these merge and balance the more we become the full expression of LOVE and Sovereignty which is WHO WE ARE!

This allows us to not only embody the creating and birthing process of the Divine Feminine but also the outward-directed action energy of the Divine Masculine.

This is how we come HOME to SELF…..This is how we become the true Master Cocreators we have come here to learn how to be!

What better place to more fully align with the LOVE that we are, than the incredibly grounded and cosmic Mt Shasta which is a perfect embodiment of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Learn more about the retreat and experience the power of Sacred Light Technologies and healing tools here in this special masterclass as we utilized many of the technologies that we will be teaching and passing on to those who join us for this retreat to clear out resistance and support you with Opening Doors for Transformation in your life!

Welcome to our Hybrid Retreat!

Cocreating Miracles Live at Mt. Shasta

This is NO ORDINARY Retreat!!! You will be immersed in POTENT energy and multidimensional spiritual technologies that are SO present/available at the Mountain!

Is the Mountain calling YOU?

With the support of Mt. Shasta, we will be bringing through healing and spiritual technologies that will unlock aspects and parts of you that have been blocked and/or dormant that you will be attuned to so you are able to do potent multidimensional healing and activation work not only for yourself but others as well!

As we have been sitting with the energies coming through for this retreat we are humbled and honored as we are also understanding that each soul attending this retreat holds special codes and keys for each other and we are beyond excited to both facilitate and witness this.

During This Sacred 5-Day Retreat You Will Receive and Experience:

Cocreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Certification

The full certification course Cocreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Certification“, an Advanced* course for healers”

See ALL the details of this certification course (which includes 3 brand new technologies since we taught last year) 

*PLEASE NOTE this is an ADVANCED class with a prerequisite. The prerequisite is Sacred Light Level One. If you have not taken that course, we are offering a self-study course at a more than 50% discount when you register for this retreat with the CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Live Retreat + Sacred Level One option so you can complete this course prior to attending the retreat (you will receive immediate access to Sacred Light One upon registration) 

Brief List and Descriptions of the Tools
and Technologies Included with CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light

Sacred Light Open and Close

These 2 Healing Tools are comprised of a powerful combination of Sacred Light Tools & Technologies, Energetic Allergy Healing and Sacred Soul Alignment to prepare both you and your clients for a session/healing work and to also conclude and anchor in the healing work.

Open – This healing is to assist you and your client to:

  • Ground and anchor
  • Activate powerful protection for you both and cloak your session
  • Connect you both to your own Higher Self/Divine Aspect and Source
  • Open the pathways of connection and communication through the heart
  • Create a Sacred Container for the client (you can intentionally bring in what they are asking to work on the session)
  • Assisting you both in connecting into truth, being open to truth and the “bigger picture”

Close – This healing is to assist you and your client to:

  • Anchoring the healing, processing & integrating it with more ease, moving through any resistance that comes up due to the energies that are clearing
  • To disconnect and clean up any distortion or energies taken on between you in the session and more.

Powerful Activations to upgrade your energies and prepare you to do higher-level work.

Sacred Light Temple

Advanced Sacred Energetic Structure that will be personalized and unique to your soul print for you to do your sacred work in.

Sacred Light Reader

Cutting edge Spiritual Technology that will assist you in sensing, identifying and clearing entities, implants, distortion and disharmony in your body, subtle bodies and field.

Sacred Light Vortex

Ground breaking Sacred Technology to clear from the deepest layers and levels (even the ones that we have no language for)

Sacred Light Filter

An 11th-dimensional sacred light technology to filter out unwanted, overwhelming energies that are infiltrating your field, energy bodies and physical body. You will have this activated for you in class and you will also be attuned to it so that you can use this technology for yourself and others as well!

Sacred Light Technology Tune Up

A multidimensional, multifunctional Tool to dissolve energies of technologies we may be holding in our systems that are outdated, and any energies we are carrying from past teachers and healers that we have worked with. To make more room to hold new expanded light. It upgrades the spiritual technologies with the new energies that are now available to us that you are working with that do still serve you and that you are still in resonance with.

Develop an Intimate Relationship with Akasha

This will allow you to work in an expanded way within the human, earthly and galactic Akashic Records,

gaining access to the vast multidimensional light fields of information available through this connection like never before! (No one else is teaching this!)

Sacred Light Transfiguration Device

This Spiritual Technology is an extraordinary device that is very versatile. It can be used for both clearing and bringing in energy. It works with laser-focused precision down to the very cells, DNA, atoms and molecules. You can use this Spiritual Technology very creatively! The word Transfiguration was first used in English as the name of this biblical event (the event was Christ’s transfiguration) …it is defined as a change in form or appearance, a Metamorphosis, or spiritual change.

Sacred Light “Roto-Rooter” (NEW!)

Much like the plumbing tool named the Rotorooter, this sacred light technology comes into break up and clear out the deep roots or “core” energy patterns that have become hardened, crystalized, calcified, become so deeply rooted that other healing tools may chip away at, taking longer to clear out of the body and energy bodies.

This technology goes deep and broad to quickly shift hard-to-dissolve patterns.

Of course, we will be teaching you the practical application of these tools, and giving you opportunities to work and play with them in class! (This whole course will be in Kajabi for you when you return home for easy access to all course materials)

Through our extensive experience and knowledge of Mt Shasta, we have hand-picked several experiences/excursions just for you to enhance and support you in unique ways

Sacred Light Bounty of the Universe

We live in a Bountiful Universe, and all we need to experience life as Bountiful is to tune into that frequency and open up to receiving. 

Which is sometimes easier said than done! 

This Sacred Light Healing Tool will connect you with and expand you into the unlimited bounty of abundance the Universe has to offer. It is a unique, multidimensional tool that works with you on an individual level to bring in and/or dissolve what is necessary to move into the highest level of expression of your soul in human form. It will help break you free of current limitations to expand you into more abundance and a greater ability to create a life aligned with your highest potential. 

*When paired with the SL Technology Calibrate & Create,  they will work together to calibrate your field to the particular frequency of your highest desires, while dissolving blocks to receiving that may be preventing you from experiencing the full Bounty of the Universe. 

Sacred Light Calibrate to Create

This technology is the next in succession to what we have been given over the past few years when visiting the mountain. The SL Merkaba Technology and the SL Intention Alignment Technology. 

This is an incredibly powerful sacred tool!

This Sacred Light Technology is literally calibrating you to the universal energy of Creation for manifestation.

This technology can be used with your specific, individualized intentions to align you multidimensionally to the highest outcome of your soul desires.

During This Sacred 5-Day Retreat You Will also Experience the Following 7 Excursions

Healing Headwaters Of The Mountain

Our first outing together will be to the Headwaters of Mt. Shasta where we will collect the Sacred Water that emerges directly from the center of the mountain that holds the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in perfect balance. 

We will hold a Sacred Ceremony to bless and activate the water and bring you into deep harmony with this sacred water. You will drink this water throughout our days together to support the healing and merge of your own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Faerie Falls

This is the place where we received the brand new technologies “Sacred Light Bounty of the Universe and Sacred Light Calibrate to Create” that will be given to you as part of CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Certification Course during our retreat. We will be attuning you to these tools RIGHT in the water at the base of the falls! It’s going to be incredible!

The Crystal Room

Together we will attend a private crystal alchemy bowl healing, unlike anything you have ever experienced before! 

The Crystal Room is home to some of the most cosmic, magical crystal bowls in the world. This sound healing is sure to bring you to have a profound effect that will be seared in your memory forever!

Panther Meadows

Hike the trail and have time for personal meditation to connect with sacred energies ever present in this meadow. We will be doing activations together here! This place is pure magic!

“Panther Meadow Trail is a delicate and stunning trail. This awe-inspiring trail winds around an alpine meadow that is biodiverse and remains a sacred space for the Indigenous people of the area. “

Mt. Shasta Pyramid

We will have a group 1 hour session in the Pyramid

In the numerous times, we have visited this pyramid, we have consistently received Sacred Light Tools and Technologies along with other important spiritual information.

During our session in the pyramid, you will become attuned to one or more of the Sacred Light Technologies that we have received there.

The Mt Shasta Pyramid is located on the mystical Mt Shasta, where it gathers and concentrates the spiritual energies of this area. It has a 24 x 24-foot base and stands over 15 feet tall. It has no windows or doors, so to enter you walk down a sloping tunnel, up some steps, and in through a door in the floor. It has a copper and quartz crystal capstone. The construction is a wood frame, with a special layering process of conductors and insulators, to maximize energy storage. The outside is stucco.

The Guardian of the Pyramid is named Ra-Ke-Da, and this amazing being first came to Antera and Omaran over 20 years ago, saying he was the guardian of the pyramid they would be building. It was finally completed in 2009. 

The pyramid is dedicated to the magnificent goddess Isis. Archangel Metatron has also been very involved with the pyramid’s construction and use.

A Message from ISIS:

“As they enter here, they are entering another space and time! Because in here the normal rules of the physical universe do not work as they do outside.”

See more about this sacred pyramid here

Blue Star Child Multidimensional Artist & Musician

Haruko BlueStar Child; “My art introduces Ascended Masters, ArchAngels & Angels, Fairies, Elementals, ETs, and other Universes and Star Systems. They are designed to awaken our deep soul memories and remind us of the true essence of beauty, purity, innocence, and magnificence of who we truly are. I also work closely with ArchAngels and Angels, and they bring healing into our hearts and souls.”

Together we will attend a private Sound Healing / Transmission session with Haruko Blue Star Child.

You can see some of her work here and connect with the incredible multidimensional frequencies she transmits here.

Gateway Peace Gardens

Inspired by the natural landscape of cedars, oaks, and manzanita along with the majestic views of Mount Shasta and the surrounding mountains, the journey continued with the co-creation of other meditation niches, the labyrinth, and the Peace Pole. The Gateway Peace Garden continues to unfold with the purpose of Peace and the guidance of Nature.

More information can be viewed here

Some Words of Love from Those Who Attended Our Last Mt Shasta Retreat:

“Thank you, Elysia Hartzell and Kimberlie Carlson for all the planning, divine inspiration, and effort that went into this retreat. From the gentle healing of the Sacred Headwaters to the intensely healing and connecting energies of the Mt Shasta Pyramid, to the detoxing and restorative properties of the Stewart Mineral Springs, to the messages of the singing bowl consciousnesses, to the amazing downloads of attunements, and the magical journeys to meet the Lemurians and receive our own unique messages from our guides and spirit – this was a magical retreat like no other that I have ever attended. I will forever remember this as an amazing opening to the divine in ways I could not have ever imagined.”

Kelly Robbins

“As I was driving away I kept looking back at the mountain and every time I saw it I couldn’t help whooping for joy!! 😁 And gratitude 🙏 What a life-changing experience with you all 💖”


“Our hearts, minds and souls connecting with each other and the Universe and beyond was beyond Powerful and Transformational in this sacred space….

Beyond words. I am still vibrating ❤️🙏🙏🙏”

Jeannine Mullin

Over 5 Beautiful, Life-Altering Days
You Will:

Experience a reconnection to your own Divine and the Divine in all on a whole NEW LEVEL! Your next Soul evolutionary leap….as this retreat will be focused on bringing parts of you online that you have yet to access in this lifetime.

Receive powerful and exclusive Sacred Light Technologies, LIVE Downloads, Attunements, Activations, Healings and esoteric spiritual knowledge from not just one but TWO highly experienced and gifted Healers and Teachers who work with deep integrity and alignment.

Experience the unparalleled energy and healing that can ONLY happen in a LIVE environment while you are encircled by a group of kindred spirits – your soul family in a multidimensional magical portal that holds keys, codes, and information for incredible activation and healing to bring you exponential spiritual growth/evolution.

Come into Sacred Union with the Guides and Beings of  Mt. Shasta who will help you open up to limitless potential and possibilities as you receive profound healing and transformation for your Highest and Best Good.

Activate higher frequencies and strengthen your connection to higher aspects of your Divinity so that you can CoCreate your desires from the spiritual and energetic plane into the material plane.

Experience your Souls next evolutionary leap as healing is brought through to unlock aspects and parts of you that have been blocked or dormant and a remembering or a reconnection to your Divinity on a whole new level. 

Experience SEVEN POWERFUL Sacred excursions utilizing the most potent energies and places of Mt. Shasta to bring through intensified upgrades for rapid Transformation.

Experience the magical waters of the Mountain daily, which act like a liquid light source to amplify and anchor the high vibrational frequencies  to assist the integration as well as the shedding and releasing process.


The level of deep healing and spiritual elevation and expansion that is going to take place will be beyond anything else you’ve experienced before and will allow you to CoCreate Miracles with Sacred Light in a profound and powerful way.

Please note…

What is included in your investment for this retreat: Full Certification and Training for CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Certification LIVE with additional access to the online course in Kajabi for you to return to after the retreat. Accommodations AND ALL excursions are listed here.

What is NOT included in your investment for this retreat: airfare, other travel expenses, and meals *the accommodations have kitchens.

Meet Your Spiritual Teachers & Guides,
Elysia & Kim


Hi! We’re Elysia Hartzell (Founder and  creator of the Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality) and Kimberlie Carlson (Founder and creator of the Energetic Allergy Healing™ modality) 

and Sacred Light Practitioner modality founded and created by both Elysia and Kimberlie)

We go way back as Soul Friends in this lifetime (and in many other lifetimes!) and we’ve also been blessed with aspects of Divine Partnership in our friendship

Here’s the first thing we’d like for you to know…

We’re SO excited that you’re here reading this! It means you’re being called to rise up into higher aspects of your own Divine Nature! 

This is a sign that you are resonating with higher frequencies and you are ready to embrace the deep work we will be doing together to Cocreate Miracles with Sacred Light!!!

We know all about this type of divine calling and resonance because we’ve experienced it ourselves. 

Through the years, we’ve amplified our healing gifts and expanded our spirituality through various, powerful LIVE healing and learning experiences.

And here’s the most fascinating thing of all…

The spiritual technologies for this retreat have been streaming in since we first visited Mt Shasta together 5 years ago. These have been some of the most powerful tools we’ve ever received, and continue to receive each time we visit this Sacred Mountain.

As we approach the time to gather at the Mountain with you, we are struck with just how important and BIG this time together is going to be!

We can’t wait to see who is joining us for this first time ever hybrid retreat! 

VIP Inner Circle Bonus

The VIP Inner Circle is an extremely intimate experience for the first 7 people to sign up for Live at Mount Shasta. It includes an additional, personal gathering with both Kimberlie and Elysia that will take place during the Retreat with the rest of the group. 

As part of the VIP inner circle, you will receive a handpicked Andara Crystal that we have personally chosen for you which holds a special portal for you to connect to the Heart of Lemuria.

We will then guide you on a meditation-style journey to retrieve a Divine aspect of you that is Lemurian. Connecting you with the Lemurian collective, bringing in a remembering of Lemurian lifetimes, teachings and technologies that have been kept safe within the preserved city of Telos which is located within Mt Shasta.

I’m Ready To Align To The Bounty Of The Universe!

Pay In Full Bonus: $111 Soul Portrait + Short message from your Guardian Angels by Blue Starchild. More Info

CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Live Retreat takes place July 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, August 1st at the beautiful Mt. Shasta

CoCreating Miracles with
Sacred Light Live Retreat

CoCreating Miracles with
Sacred Light Live Retreat
+ Sacred Level 1

There Is No Other Healing Retreat Quite Like This…

This retreat is unlike ANY other as it offers the combined power of Mt. Shasta and the incredible multidimensional spiritual technologies that have come through for us on our visits to the magical spiritual vortex

Imagine becoming attuned to these Sacred Light Technologies right at the Source, taught about them and attuned to them by the healers/teachers who directly personally received them!

This is for you only if you are called to expand into your full capacity as a being of limitless possibilities.

The truth is you are infinite light, grace, power and magic and you were born to experience abundance in all its forms…

Joy, wealth, health, love, beauty, freedom.

Aligning with the Bounty of the Universe…it’s not just the name of this retreat.

It’s an unassailable truth. It’s your destiny.

And we know that only those who are called on a deeper level – those who are connected on a soul level – will resonate with this invitation.

So if you are feeling that divine inner “nudge” to join us, we welcome you with open arms and open hearts, and we cannot WAIT to meet you in person!

If you are ready to expand into next level multidimensional work as a healer!

More Words of LOVE & LIGHT

“First off, I want to say that I think the work you do was an answer to my prayers–for clean clean clean energy. When you were at Shasta and did that Fb Live introducing the new course starting next week, during that FB Live, stuff cleared off that I’ve been trying to clear for the past year. So thank you thank you thank you!!! Thank you, God and Divine Mother and You!”

Kerry Chun

“My retreat experience with Kimberlie and Elysia last year was INCREDIBLE!
As a VIP attendee, I felt the pleasure of being nurtured with a small group of women where we attended the kick-off ceremony to really set our intentions and lock in what we desired for our time there. The retreat facility was first class as I expected it would be as both of these ladies have impeccable taste and chose a beautiful place in nature where the energy was just magnetic to do our healing work.

Their huge hearts shine through in all they do and when I received my crystals and retreat goodies encased in a bag of velvet, the love just poured out of their creations! The retreat ran like clockwork, each day you felt your soul work go deeper into healing the layers and opening up the possibilities that await you when you go home. Till the end of the retreat, it was literally electric for me with promise and potential!”

Sherry Frey

“There is a beautiful word – energy – that describes the essence of my experience with Elysia and Kimberlile at the retreat and that is the energy of devotion. We experienced it in their devotion to each of us….to our transformation, to our well-being and to our healing on all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. There was devotion in every moment, in every healing and in their love and guidance as they brought us back home to our souls. My time at the retreat felt like a Divine Embrace and it has let me rise up and show up in a way that is fully aligned with who I am and how I want to be in the world. Since then, I’ve experienced more abundance, more peace, more joy, more evolution and expansion in my life and business than ever before. This wasn’t just a life-changing experience – it was a life-giving experience. Elysia and Kim are among the Chosen Ones – healers of pure light, pure love and pure integrity. And if you ever have the opportunity to experience their incredible healing gifts and their devotion firsthand, don’t let it pass you by!”

ShantinI Rajah

Intuitive Expression Coach, Creative Copywriting Teacher & Energy Practitioner

I’m Ready To Align To The Bounty Of The Universe!

Pay In Full Bonus: $111 Soul Portrait + Short message from your Guardian Angels by Blue Starchild. More Info

CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Live Retreat takes place July 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, August 1st at the beautiful Mt. Shasta

I’m Ready To Align To The Bounty Of The Universe!

Pay In Full Bonus: $111 Soul Portrait + Short message from your Guardian Angels by Blue Starchild. More Info

CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Live Retreat takes place July 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, August 1st at the beautiful Mt. Shasta

CoCreating Miracles with
Sacred Light Live Retreat

CoCreating Miracles with
Sacred Light Live Retreat
+ Sacred Level 1