Accelerate Spiritual Growth & Evolution Like Never Before

Unlock Total Healing Mastery, Dissolve Lived + Inherited Trauma & Experience Spiritual Breakthroughs Far Beyond Your Conscious Imagination

Become a Fully Certified Sacred Light Healer & Reshape Your Destiny So Blissful Wellbeing & Abundance Become
Your New Normal

Sacred Light Levels 2 and 3 and the Brand New Level 4 Certification Experience Streaming Live from Tulum, Mexico, Home of the Ancient Mayans

Do you long to live with higher purpose and soulful freedom but you keep falling back into unwanted negative patterns, habits and experiences?

Do you envision a life of deep spiritual meaning but the current state of the world keeps you stuck in an unending loop of intense anxiety, doubt and fear?

Take a moment, take a deep breath and tune into your intuition in this moment. Can you sense there’s a different, more beautiful reality that’s meant for you and for the world?

It’s an expansive reality where soul-level freedom, blissful well-being, and unlimited abundance is available and accessible to you and to all.

But when you take a look around you, what you see is different. It feels like the world is on fire and the chaos and uncertainty leave you endlessly…

  • Confused, frustrated and stressed beyond belief
  • Disempowered, disappointed and disillusioned
  • Out of balance, bone tired and maybe even physically unwell

This is incredibly disconcerting in our human experience and you need to know there’s something deeper going on. Here’s the thing…

If You’re Reading This You’re Being Called to a Higher Truth About Who You Are and What You’re Meant to Be, Do and Have in This Lifetime

About a decade ago, and for the first time ever, an extraordinarily potent healing modality was revealed to be shared with those who are ready to create a new, elevated reality for themselves and the world.

Known as Sacred Light Healing, these revolutionary spiritual tools comprise multiple energy healing tools along with spiritual technologies that make them incredibly powerful in bringing through accelerated healing, co-creation and evolution at the highest levels

Every Single Sacred Light Tool is An Intricately Interwoven Tapestry of Countless Spiritual Technologies, Each with The Power to Heal & Transform at the Deepest Levels

These tools include layers of activations, healings, clearings, and co-creation frequencies that can support you in rising up to the highest levels of consciousness…

So you can unearth your sacred purpose and achieve your greatest potential to bring your biggest dreams and visions into your reality with effortless ease.

This means…

You’ll Embody ALL That You Desire and Need So Your Life Can Flow in Alignment With Your Soul Path

You’ll find yourself gifted with skills you never even knew you had like psychic and intuitive abilities, healing mastery, behavior and personality traits like confidence or conscious leadership qualities and more…

The best part is that it can all happen faster than you can possibly imagine right now!

And it’s because Sacred Light Healing Tools spark breakthrough energetic upgrades for advanced spiritual evolution and acceleration into 5D frequencies and above.

To put it another way, you’ll have everything you need to…

Confidently Activate Life-Altering Healings & Phenomenal (Even Miraculous!) Results for Yourself and Others

Sacred Light Tools are the only healing tools in existence that can transform trauma through all dimensions, lifetimes, and timeliness in-the-moment…in the way these are working, they are revolutionary and unique!

So all of that pain, and heartache can be instantly released for remarkable physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and growth.

With Sacred Light you’ll release what is holding you back so you can become unstoppable in creating the life and reality you desire.

Welcome to An Exclusive Virtual Healing +
Certification Experience Like No Other!

Journey Into Healing Mastery, Blissful Wellbeing & Boundless Abundance with Sacred Light Live From The Ancient Yucatan Peninsula

You’re invited to experience the unlimited transformative power of Sacred Light, LIVE from Mexico!

This soul-shifting, 2-day virtual healing and certification experience is streaming live online on Friday, April 12 and Sunday, April 14 from Tulum, home to the profound healing magic of the Mayan people.

You Won’t Have to Leave Home to Receive The Higher Wisdom and Knowledge You Need to Bring Your Greatest Life
Vision into Your Reality!

You can experience this life-changing healing retreat from home and you will get ALL of the Sacred Light teachings, healings, activations and attunement from Sacred Light Levels 2, and 3 PLUS…

You’ll Also Be Among The First in The World To Be Certified in the Brand, New Sacred Light Level 4 — A Powerfully Illuminating Deep Dive Into Whole Body Healing!

When you choose to join this once-in-a-lifetime live-streaming certification experience, you will be energetically connected to the potent, sacred energies of the ancient Mayans at Tulum and the entire Yucatan Peninsula!

Over 2 full immersion days, you will attain clarity and connection with your soul path, and experience accelerated healing, growth, unification and expansion into your personal power

And by the end of our time together you will walk away as a Sacred Light Certified practitioner and you’ll have everything you need to become a confident masterful healer even if you’ve never worked with healing energies before!!

With the 2-Day Virtual Sacred Light Certification Experience You Will…


Become a powerful master healer, fully equipped to release root causes behind any challenge or block in order to facilitate lasting changes for yourself and others


Expertly work with uniquely potent multidimensional tools to spark enhanced healing and positive transformations across the planet


Experience phenomenal spiritual breakthroughs to instantly elevate your consciousness and propel you to achieve healing mastery in the shortest possible time


Completely dissolve lived trauma from this lifetime and inherited generational trauma that keeps you stuck in place (and learn to do the same for loved ones and clients)


Tap into Source to successfully manifest your greatest goals and highest vision as you confidently co-create the life of your dreams


Accurately identify and connect with your sacred path and purpose so you can make aligned decisions at crucial turning points to create desired results


Attune to your highest potential for the fulfillment of your soul’s aspirations on multiple dimensions


Unlock hidden gifts such as psychic abilities and enhanced intuitive skills that you didn’t even know you had!


Attract the perfect people,experiences and opportunities like magic so you can bring your dream life vision into reality


Rapidly raise your vibration and frequency and magnetize an ongoing flow of wealth, love, joy, radiant health and vitality and MUCH more!

Here’s What You’ll Learn During This Life-Changing 2-Day Certification Experience Streaming Live from Tulum

The following is just a taste of what you’ll learn in Sacred Light Levels 2 and 3 and the brand new Sacred Light Level 4 including a sneak peek of 7 tools and tools (you’ll receive a over 35 Sacred Light Level 4 tools!)

Sacred Light Level 2 Certification: Empowered Healing & Co-Creation

The Sacred Light Level 2 Certification enhances your inborn, sovereign abilities as a healer, and includes a spectrum of Sacred Light Healing tools, teachings, and wisdom.

You will learn how to strengthen your connection with the universal life force, allowing you to facilitate inner and outer transformations that are both profound and impactful while experiencing accelerated growth in your healing skills.

You’ll discover what it means to heal at the highest level in ways that enrich your spiritual practice and amplify your impact on the world.

Some of the potent healing tools you’ll receive in Sacred Light Level 2: Armageddon Timeline Disconnect; Reclaiming Your Power Series; Human Enslavement Healing Series; Planetary Destruction Trauma Healing; Your Vertical Pillar of Light

Sacred Light Level 3 Certification: Attaining Spiritual Wisdom & Mastery

Sacred Light Level 3 is an advanced journey into mastering the healing arts. As the third of the Sacred Light Levels, this experience will enhance your healing skills, in ways that you can’t begin to imagine right now!

Level 3 lets you take a quantum leap into harnessing collective energies and wisdom and you’ll receive everything you need to contribute significantly to the healing of our planet. It empowers you to become a beacon of light and love, extending the benefits of your newfound attunements and knowledge so you can powerfully heal loved ones, clients, and the broader community.

Your knowledge will set off a ripple effect of spiritual awakening that will reach far beyond individual experience, touching lives across the planet and further beyond – into the cosmos.

Some of the potent healing tools you’ll receive in Sacred Light Level 3: Archangel Metatron & Divine Light Reboot; Archangel Jeremiel – Activating Cosmic Wisdom; Healing and Coming Back into Harmony with the Divine Masculine; Free Will Universe, Sacred Union with the Divine Series

Sneak Peek!
Brand, New Sacred Light Level 4: Whole Body Healing for Radiant Health & Longevity

Sacred Light Level 4 is a sparkling, new addition to the remarkable Sacred Light Certification series! You’ll learn how to intuitively and accurately heal all kinds, trauma, including cellular memories, conscious and unconscious trauma from this lifetime and all life times, realities, timelines, and dimensions related to the health issues affecting the physical body.

Level 4 is an in-depth, extraordinarily comprehensive deep dive into holistic, whole body healing and you’ll gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to effectively address and release symptoms, challenges, blocks and conditions connected to all parts and aspects of the body including but not limited to the immune system, nervous system, and even the fascia — a lattice like connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle.

Sacred Light Level 4 is totally new and has never been taught before which means you’ll be among the first to become certified in this phenomenal healing methodology!

Here’s the full list of 40 Healing Tools + 7 just added Sacred Light Technologies that are part of Sacred Light 4

Sacred Light Medical Trauma

This healing goes deep into dissolving and healing the complex energy patterns we hold from Medical Trauma where we have experienced an acute or life-threatening symptom/pain in the body, a medical emergency, medical procedure, shocking or painful diagnosis/medical evaluation of a condition or disease, surgeries/operations, from removal of organs, glands, or other body tissues, blood transfusions, dental work, in-utero experiences, birth trauma and more

The Covid Healing

This healing brings in support and healing for Covid itself addressing deeper complexities that have come to light regarding the longer implications of of Covid, the after effects of Covid in the body that come from a histamine response to the Covid spike proteins along with the activation of other pathogens in the body like Epstein Barr Virus

Sacred Light Chronic Fatigue Healing

This healing contains immune system healing and support and it contains many Advanced Energetic Allergy Healing tools, Sacred Soul Alignments, and Sacred Light Technologies.It will help to optimize the Vagus Nerve, leading to a decrease in depression, anxiety, PTSD symptoms, digestive issues, and potentially a decrease in autism symptoms, and activate more effective communication between the brain and the gut, elevating the state of emotional and mental wellbeing. It will also activate your fascia to its optimal ability to receive energy and information for the Source and your own Divine Aspect.

Sugar Flush

This healing flush releases toxins from sugars, brings in more balance with sugars, calms sugar cravings, and assists in flushing sugars and sugar-related toxins from the body, including related emotions and other energy patterns. It brings in supportive frequencies to pull your energy back into your body and anchor into the Heart of Gaia, as it recalibrates your emotions and emotional body. It also offers energetic protection.

Sacred Light Parasite Release

Parasites mirror our parasitic tendencies and patterns, in behaving this way ourselves and/or allowing others into our lives who have a parasitic type of energy, meaning they take from us, drain us, take advantage of our kindness, or literally suck the life right out of us. This healing contains a LOT of belief work. It has a lot of healing for specific trauma we have taken on from our Mothers, and from the womb, healing the Mother wound as this is often behind parasite issues.

This is the full list :

Sacred Light Level 4 Healing Tools List

  • Anxiety & Worry Be Gone
  • Sacred Light Medical Trauma
  • Unconditional Golden Love
  • Sacred Light Sexual Trauma Healing

Sacred Light Weight Harmony Series:

  • Weight to Ensure Your Survival
  • “Body Balance” – Hormonal Issues
  • “Restoring Body Harmony” – Detox Issues
  • “Loving & Forgiving Your Body”-  clearing Self Loathing / Identity Issues
  • Body Trauma Healing
  • Liver Support

Sacred Light Detox Harmony Series:

  • Emotional Detox
  • Mental Detox
  • Physical Detox

Sacred Light Pathogen Harmony Series

  • Lyme Release
  • Virus Release
  • Bacteria Release
  • EBV Release
  • Parasite Release
  • Fungus, Mold, and Yeast Healing
  • Sugar Flush
  • Chronic Fatigue Healing
  • Covid Vaccine/Vaccine Trauma Release Healing
  • The Covid Healing
  • Powering Up the Immune System

Sacred Light Body Harmony Series:

  • Digestive Emotional Harmony
  • Digestive Microorganism Harmony
  • Digestive Nutrient Harmony
  • Lymphatic & Immune Emotion Harmony
  • Lymphatic & Immune Pathogen Harmony
  • Nervous System Emotion Harmony
  • Nervous System Pathogen Harmony
  • Harmonizing Dysregulated Nervous System
  • Respiratory Environmental Harmony
  • Respiratory Emotion Harmony
  • Respiratory Pathogen Harmony
  • Cardiovascular Emotion Harmony
  • Cardiovascular Pathogen Harmony
  • Reproductive Emotional Harmony
  • Reproductive Environmental Harmony
  • Reproductive Pathogen Harmony

7 Healing Chambers:

  • Immunity Chamber
  • Sleep Chamber
  • Recovery Chamber Series:
  • Mental Recovery Chamber – examples: Alzheimers,
  • ADD/ADHD/Studying for an exam
  • Emotional Recovery Chamber
  • Physical Recovery Chamber
  • Detox Chamber
  • Weight loss Chamber

Important Note:
Special Prerequisite for the Sacred Light Virtual Certification Experience

Please know that you are required to take the Sacred Light Level 1 course before you can become certified in Sacred Light Levels 2, 3, and 4.

If you have not taken Sacred Light Level 1 we have GREAT news! You can access the self-study course at a deep discount when you choose Bundle #1 — Sacred Light Level 1 Course Plus The Complete Virtual Certification Livestream Experience (scroll down to the bottom of the page to take a look). You’ll receive instant access to Sacred Light 1 upon registration. This will allow you to complete Level 1 prior to joining the live-streaming sessions at Tulum.

Your Exclusive At-Home Sacred Light Certification Experience Gives You Everything You Need to Achieve Mastery in Healing Yourself & Others

This is the ULTIMATE transformative learning + spiritual experience for seekers of truth, intuitives, empaths, new and experienced healers, conscious, spiritual entrepreneurs and more!

The Sacred Light Certification is a complete virtual experience and it will be taught live and streamed live directly from Tulum, Mexico straight to your home, on Friday, April 12th, and Sunday, April 14th.

During powerful workshop sessions over 2 full days, you’ll learn how to apply every single Sacred Light tool in this Certification experience so you can gain genuine confidence in healing yourself and working with others including paying clients if you choose to become a professional healer.

All live-streaming sessions will be recorded and ready for you in a private membership portal.

You’ll also have lifetime access to everything you learned and you’ll be able to go back and watch the recordings whenever you want to refresh your understanding and reconnect with these teachings.

Unlock Total Healing Mastery Where
Blissful Wellbeing & Abundance Become Your New Way of Life

Join The Exclusive, Once-in-a-Lifetime Sacred Light Certification Experience Streaming Live from Tulum, Mexico

Meet Your Teachers, Elysia & Kim

We’re Elysia Hartzell and Kimberlie Carlson and we’ve been working together as healers, as co-creators, as teachers and as soul partners and friends for many, many lifetimes.

As leaders in spiritual awakening and evolution, we are passionately devoted to a singular soul mission, which is to empower Lightworkers, Healers, Intuitives and all those who are called to the spiritual path with the most thorough, deep and potent foundational healing tools, techniques and teachings all the way to the highest level levels of multidimensional spiritual tools and technologies that are available as soon as they become available

We have been shown that we are part of a very small group of people who can hold, process and radiate incredibly high vibrational frequencies and we are now on the leading edge of knowledge in the Light Technologies that are coming through into this planet right now.

We are essentially conduits who can truly anchor these high-speed Light Technologies that are continuing to accelerate so we can all begin to heal ourselves, each other and the world at a level that has never been experienced before.

These never-before-seen tools and techniques have come through — and continue to come to us — via direct knowing and downloads and we are meant to share them with as many people as possible so a potent, positive planetary ripple effect is created through healings that will take our collective frequency and energy to higher and higher states of evolution as we experience deep, energetic and physical shifts, changes and transformations that are happening for the first time in the history of humanity.

We work with clients and students from all over the world – from those who are just beginning to receive their spiritual calling to experienced healers who are looking for teachers to help them consistently embody and expand their healing gifts and abilities.

And that’s our magical superpower…

We bring people together on a soul level, people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and genders, people at every stage of awakening and healing so we can all connect on a deep level, love each other on a deep level and ultimately heal our entire world and ourselves… as one.

Words of Love & Gratitude
from Our Clients & Students

“They have the gifts to go to the root of the problem and clear it quickly – ancestry, lineage, oaths, vows, contracts…”

Witnessing my soul growth, healing and ascension while working with both Elysia and Kimberlie over an extended period of time was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Their huge hearts shine through in all they do. They have the gifts to go to the root of the problem and clear it quickly – ancestry, lineage, oaths, vows, contracts, the things we as energy healers can’t always do on our own or for ourselves.

And that is the true benefit of working with both Kimberlie and Elysia at the same time. Together, they make a formidable team.

I booked two high-end offers as a result of clearing old blocks and trauma. And my body and body systems were regulated and functioning with sustained energy! Most significant for me was – my spirit was renewed with my own zeal and excitement for life and the opportunity to live my own passions and purpose.”

Sherry Frey

Conscious Awakening and Ascension Mentor

“… the lupus was gone. I’ve had so many more amazing things like this happen in my work with these tools.”

I worked with someone who had lupus. Lab work showed the lupus, and when he went back a month later, the lupus was gone. I’ve had so many more amazing things like this happen in my work with these tools.

I’ve not come across anything that can unwind a pattern and get to the root and dissolve it so thoroughly to transform emotional pain, physical pain, or just patterns that you’re struggling with so effectively and so quickly. These tools are amazing! I love you two.

Lorraine Castro

“Healers of pure light, pure love and pure integrity…”

Elysia and Kim are among The Chosen Ones — healers of pure light, pure love and pure integrity. And if you ever have the opportunity to experience their incredible healing gifts and their devotion firsthand, don’t let it pass you by!

Shantini Rajah

Writing & Manifesting Mentor, Author of Manifest Anything You Want

“Beyond words. I am still vibrating!”

Our hearts, minds, and souls connecting with each other and the Universe and beyond was incredibly powerful and transformational in this sacred space…. Beyond words. I am still vibrating!”

Jeanine Mullin

Unlock Total Healing Mastery Where Blissful Wellbeing & Abundance Become Your
New Way of Life

Join The Exclusive, Once-in-a-Lifetime Sacred Light Certification Experience Streaming Live from
Tulum, Mexico

Please note: If you already have Sacred Light Level 2 and/or 3, login to your course portal on Kajabi for an exciting discount coupon code (we have a feeling you’re going to love it!). You can use this coupon code when you click on the “I’m In” button for Bundle #2 below. You can also send us an email at and we’ll send you the code





Your Frequently Asked Questions … Answered!

Do I need to be an experienced healer to take the Sacred Light Certification?

No! You can become a certified Sacred Light healer even if you’ve never worked with healing energies before. However, you need to take the Sacred light Level 1 course (please see special discounted bundle below).

I don’t have Sacred Light Level 1. Do you have an option for me to join the full Certification experience?

Yes, we have a couple of great options for you! You can join us in person in Tulum and receive the Sacred Light 1 course free (the regular price is $797!). Please click here to find out more about the in-person retreat at Tulum.

Alternatively, you can join the Complete Livestream Experience with Sacred Light Levels 2, 3 and 4 plus the Sacred Light Level 1 course at a special, deep discount! (please scroll down and choose Bundle #1)

I’d love to be a part of this incredible virtual healing and certification retreat but I already have Sacred Light 2 and/or 3. What should I do?

We’re so glad you asked! Login to your course portal in Kajabi for an exciting discount coupon code. You can use this code at checkout after you click on the “I’m In” button for Bundle #2 (please see below). You can also send us an email at and we’ll send you the coupon code .

We have specially-priced (and deeply discounted!) bundles you can choose from. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more and choose the option that works for you.

I’m thinking of joining you in person. What are my next steps?

We’re thrilled you’re considering joining us in Tulum! Just click here to find out more.

I’m an experienced healer. Will taking the Sacred Light Certification benefit me?

Absolutely! There is literally NO other healing modality like Sacred Light. Sacred Light Tools are revolutionary and incredibly potent in ways you’ve never seen before.

As a Certified Sacred Light healer you’ll receive the tools to dive deep, so you can accurately target the root causes of every challenge, to bring about true and lasting change for yourself and your clients. Sacred Light Technologies are the only spiritual tools in existence that can transform trauma through all dimensions, lifetimes and timeliness to be instantly channeled toward remarkable physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and growth, in the way they are working. There’s simply nothing else like this out there!

I have a question that’s not on this list. Can you help?

Yes, we can! Just send us an email at